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Win Heather Christle Week

barnstormerOyfliffle is Heather Christle Week at HTMLGIANT. There will be chances to win one of the dwindling numbers of Heather’s Nor By Press broadside, Barnstormer, leading up to the Ag Read-ing at NYU this Friday w/ Diane Williams, Matthew Rohrer, Joshua Cohen. Sela. 


UPDATE Not to be outdone by Noö (see below), Walser & Co. is now giving away Barnstormer + Heather’s Notnostrums broadside Vespers 

1) Leave the name/location of a favorite bookstore in the comments (optional: tell us whether they stock, or might stock, Octopus Books) and Maggie (pictured below) will choose the winner of BarnstormerHastings style, and some of the stop-motion stars of When You Think of It will choose the winner of Vespers. 2) Order the The Difficult Farm directly from Octopus Books and be entered in a drawing. (Pick up Matvei Yankelvich‘s Boris by the Sea while you’re at it.) 3) A Barnstormer will be tucked into one of the Farms for sale at Friday’s reading. (Ante)penultimately (for there’s at least one more contest in store), Mike Young will be giving away a copy of The Difficult Farm at Noö Journal. Heather has gently consented to consolidate details on her blog. And don’t forget to win the Week itself at HTMLGIANT.




[…] very generous Walser & Co / Robert Walser Society of Western Massachusetts is giving away two limited edition Heather Christle broadsides of her poems “Vespers” and “Barnstormer” from Notnostrums and Nor By Press […]

  tao wrote @

atomic books

3620 Falls Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21211


unsure if they stock octopus books or not

thank you

  Larry L. wrote @

Powell’s Portland, OR.

  Nate wrote @

Zandbroz Variety – Fargo, North Dakota

  wickerkat wrote @

Well heck, I’ll jump in. My favorite bookstore is a little place in Wicker Park called Quimby’s. I love them because they carry a wide variety of books, graphic novels, adult fare and just generally some strange things, and some really beautiful books. I saw Chuck Palahniuk read there and just caught Stephen Elliott there too. I’ve been meaning to pick up some of Heather’s work, so…we’ll see if this works! 🙂

Richard Thomas
Neo-noir fiction

  Matt N wrote @

Pilot Books on Capitol Hill. Yes to Octopus on their shelves.

  Kari wrote @

Green Apple Books, San Francisco

I don’t think they sell Octopus books, but they should!

  aL wrote @

Favorite bookstore = St. Mark’s Bookshop

Pick me, Maggie, pick me!

  DJ Berndt wrote @

My favorite bookstore is DogStar Books (529 West Chestnut Street Lancaster, PA 17603). They would definitely stock Octopus Books. It’s a local independent bookstore that is very comfy. Check them out at http://www.dogstarbooks.com


  colin wrote @

Politics and Prose in Washington, DC. There are amazing bookstores all over the world, some breathtaking in their design, location, or inventory, but Politics and Prose is my hometown favorite. Amazing readings, friendly and professional staff, and an outstanding buyer.


  Donald Dunbar wrote @

My favorite is Powell’s, in Portland. Yeah, they stock everything.

  Dave Clapper wrote @

Elliot Bay Books in Seattle

  Sam wrote @

Probably GREEN APPLE in San Francisco. There’s also the Book Worm in Beijing.

  Ted wrote @

Currently my favorite bookstore is Santa Cruz Bookshop. But they do not have Octopus books. But I have Difficult Farm! But I do not have a broadside.

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